Prior to a shoot, I always make a couple of drastic changes to my food intake and training regime.

Number one change is AVOID the much loved cheat days at maccas or the pick and mix isle at the nearest supermarket. (yup, I’m a total shocker.)


Aside from my training changes, I cut down carbs, sugar and dairy products to a minimum. It’s not something I could maintain in the long term, I’d end up chewing my own leg off! But for shoots you need to step up your game!!

I start my day off with a large glass of detox water which I prepare the night before. Followed by an egg white omelette, filled with spinach and mushrooms. (usually overcooked otherwise they’e the constancy of vagina lips, and no one wants that when they first wake up.


Water.. I can’t tell you how important water is. I love this stuff, I drink numerous litre bottles of water everyday. If you don’t like the taste try adding lemon, and berries to your water! Tastes great and it’s good for you! Win win.

Lunch I would typically have a lean beef salad, with no dressing. Lots of capsicum, broccoli etc. Usually I drown everything in garlic.. but the week of a shoot I usually avoid it so I don’t bloat up. My other loved lunch option is lean chicken mince lettuce cups! I understand a lot of models avoid meat, particularly before a shoot.. but I love meat. I grew up on a farm and I’m pretty sure society doesn’t want some crazy meat feining model storming the streets.

Dinner! I always try to cut carbs from dinner anyway, but particularly on a shoot week. I’ll usually have meat and steamed veggies. Or just steamed veggies the few days prior to my shoot.

SNACKS!! Very important to stop my “hangry” syndrome from effecting those around me. Snacks are what keeps me sane before a shoot.. I opt for watermelon, eggs and berries. On the day of the shoot I try to drink little water and usually snack on Natural Confectionary snakes… don’t judge. I’m being honest here! Hahah    .images-6.