If you’re following me on instagram (@misssarahharrisx) you’ll know I just got back from LA.. My absolute favourite place on earth. I had the best time at the Playboy Mansion again, along with a whole bunch of other awesome experiences around California. Yes, I had the time of my life.. But how did my “diet” go? Not so good.

I’m the first to admit travelling is difficult for staying in shape, I tend to forget i’m there for business as opposed to a holiday where I can stuff my face with pancakes. Airports and unexplored land are my two biggest hurdles.


Airports: The dreaded airport boredom, you’ve walked the terminal 10 times over and you’ve given into the calorie laden cafe food within an hour. I’m a shocker for this, especially in foreign countries! Try to make simple food choices that will make a HUGE difference, for example switch fries to a salad.. still have the sandwich or burger but take the top piece of bread off.

Foreign Countries: New exciting food that you feel like you’ll never experience again, stuff your face right? Wrong. Don’t do a Sarah and try every pastry, cheese and wine you come across in France! But, don’t be that person that wont try a single thing because you’re on a “diet” then go home feeling sorry for yourself when people ask what the food was like. I know it’s cliche, but it’s all about balance. Try new things, even daily, just in moderation. That way if you do put on a few pounds it’s a lot easier to reverse than 10.

Just because you’re watching your weight, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on new experiences abroad. Does that make me an unprofessional model for saying that? Probably, but there’s no way i’m not trying pancakes in every country I visit. It just means I need to carefully plan the rest of the days meals. Don’t dwell on a couple of pounds, it’s easily fixed.. the second you’re back in your “normal” exercise and eating routine. Exercising is also a little difficult while travelling.. maybe that’ll be my next post? Be sure to give me feedback, and feel free to ask any questions regarding this topic :)