It’s been months since I last posted, I have what my loved ones refer to as “verbal diarrhoea” so writing becomes a little bit of an issue, 200 word blog posts end up being pages long. ;/

During my month off I had a lot of time to reflect on the year, spend time with family and talk to fans. It was crazy the number of people who asked about youtube and why I didn’t already have an account. So now I’m asking YOU, would you rather see me and hear me talk about topics of your choice? Orrrrrr stick to blog posts (more regularly of course).

If you would like to see me finallllyyyy make a youtube channel, what are the things you’ve always wondered about me or been interested in seeing? Comment below! If it’s something too crazy feel free to dm me on Instagram, or Facebook, . Hell, even tweet me if you like! annnnd no, I’m not doing makeup tutorials…my eyeshadow practice will stay forever between my brushes and I! I’d scare you away for life.